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      PZT100 high precision laminating machine

      Name:PZT100 high precision laminating machine

      Can fit acoustic sound film ball top, back glue, PI, bar code and other high-precision accessories, suitable for all kinds of special-shaped materials;
      High-precision linear motor is adopted for X and Y axes. The equipment platform is marble platform, with high fitting precision and the highest fitting precision is ±0.025mm.
      Y-axis linear motor adopts double action, mounting head and upper camera stagger action, fast speed;
      Multi-function feeding feida, the maximum width of the material belt is 80mm, the discharging mode supports 1 output 8;
      The built-in pipeline can be used for single production or online production of multiple machines. It can be connected with other process equipment in series. The pipeline height is 900±30mm;
      When the equipment and other process equipment line production, the fixture can be installed back flow.