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      AOD100 online high speed dispenser

      Name:AOD100 online high speed dispenser

      Suitable for high speed and precision dispensing process:
      1. Electronic assembly: PCB/FPC surface mount, reinforcement, camera/fingerprint module, etc;
      2. Precision assembly: TP/LCD/ shell laminating and curing, etc;
      3. Semiconductor: chip packaging, filling, reinforcement, etc.

      Suitable Glue:

      Suitable for fluid with viscosity of 100~1,000,000mpas.
      (such as: SMT red glue, U V glue, black glue, hot melt glue, conductive glue, silver paste, tin
      Cream, phosphor, etc.)

      Product advantage:

      1. Highly optimized, stable, high intensity overall design, low noise, low seismic;
      2. Equipped with Nordson EFD contactless spray dispensing valve, easy maintenance(Valve body shall be cleaned within 10 minutes)High speed, high precision, no contact and no damage、It is suitable for obvious advantages such as wide range of glue, and can deal with trace amount well at the same time、Quantitative dispensing, ultra-narrow dispensing line, ultra-small space dispensing and other processes.
      3. Powerful intelligent control software ensures the realization of various complex dispensing processes (such as dotting, line, frame, arc, circle, pouring and sealing glue, etc.) in high-speed movement, and is equipped with various auxiliary modules (such as weighing system, height measuring system, nozzle cleaning, track preheating and other functional modules).